Susana Esono, Taking Pop and R&B Music to a Different Level with her Latest Single, “Wanna” 

Music is a medium to connect and relate. Good music is what resonates with the soul, giving rise to internal and outward responses that have a wide range – from relaxation to excitement. Breaking into the commercial music industry is something not very easy to do. But, with the advent of iTunes and Spotify, indie music makers and singers are able to make their mark. Such a singer and lyricist is Susana Esono. Her crooning talent shines alongside her penned lyrics. She is all geared up to leave her unique music print on the music scene. And, with her brand new single, “Wanna,” Susana Esono adds a new milestone to her singing journey. 

Susana Esono’s music is a powerful blend of Pop and R&B. She adds modern shades to the already contemporary combo music genre while still retaining a warm classic vibe. That is what sets Susana Esono’s music apart. Her strong points in the songs she makes are mellifluous melodies and lyrics written by her form a strong emotional connection with listeners – soul stirring. Her single “Wanna” contain all those trademarks. 

“Wanna” is a new project that is all about the good and bad moments alike that one can share in a relationship. The single is well crafted with lots of good music sense. “Wanna” lends a bittersweet, melodic and romantic in a special way. Susana Esono channels the edge of neo-soul and the lightness of pop through “Wanna” and it’s such a novel musical immersion. 

People love stories. And, Susana Esono’s musical renditions are made from compelling stories derived from her life experiences. Her songs possess personal themes that are high on the emotional scale not to mention introspective. As such, it’s very easy for people from all walks of life to relate to her songs. 

Susana Esono’s unique blend of music is set to redefine Pop and R&B, adding new attributes. And, her new single “Wanna” stands as a testimony for that. 

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