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About Susana


1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up first in Bioko Island then I moved to different places of the world

2. How did you get into singing?

I used to love watching singers and pretending I was them. I think I was about 6 or 7 then.

3. Who are your favourite musicians?

Sade, Nneka, and Bob Marley


4. Who are your style inspirations?

I don't have anyone in mind. I like to wear what makes me feel comfortable first then something that goes with my body type, i've always been a tiny girl so I need to make sure it fits me tight. I would say it's kind of girly with edgy, and I like to take risks when it comes to Fashion doesn't matter what's not or is in trend.



 They call me Suzie sometimes, but from home i'm called Star, but in a different language. 


 6. Any advice ? 

I would say, don't let things get to you. I've been things in life, I thought I would always face that hasn't been the case I look back and laugh sometimes how can I let someone get to me for something so dumb. Nothing last forever, YOU have to be strong always for yourself and live life based on your standard and believes.


7. What's your favorite food?

I love anything Pasta. Rice and beans of course and seafood.


8. What's your favorite color?

It used to Black, but it's Red.